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FOMMIC: A coaching acronym to remember

There are a lot of acronyms bantered about the coaching world, but if you don’t yet know FOMMIC, it’s one that is worth remembering.   Focus Outcome Motivation Measure for success Invite the client to lead Check in on the measure for success for the desired outcome   Fran Fisher, MCC and ICF Assessor, is a...

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Coaching and mentoring – contrasts, comparisons and cooperations

The terms coaching and mentoring are frequently used interchangeably, especially by non-coaches. While most coaches understand the main distinction between the two disciplines, few have the scope of understanding required to identify which context requires which kind of intervention.     This issue of Coaching Rese...

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Are you being limited by a coaching model?

Every coach knows GROW, the most famous coaching model of all. And a Google search for coaching models reveals a plethora of other, often acronym-based, coaching models that many of us have been trained to use.   Coaching models are useful, especially for new coaches and training coaches. However, they can also be limiting....

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