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Are you guilty of one of these coaching website mistakes?

It may shock you to discover that, according to professional web designer for coaches, Kenn Shroder, 90% of coaching websites never bring a single client. Hopefully your website is not one of these. Your website should bring you clients, consistently and regularly.     If you know you’ve got website traffic...

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What critical factors are emerging in coaching research?

As a relatively new profession, the body of research surrounding the field of coaching has been considered scant for several decades. Yet year by year, this body of knowledge has incrementally increased. Now we have reached the point where sizable literature reviews may be conducted and important extrapolations drawn. This issue...

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How do the new ICF competencies and PCC markers compare to the old?

As a professional coach, you need to stay abreast of significant changes in the field of coaching. One of those changes is the updating of the ICF Core Competencies, which the ICF announced last year, and which will progressively come more into use throughout this year.   To help you better understand these changes, Recipro...

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