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A model to enhance coaching effectiveness

All professional coaches are expected to engage in reflective practice. Reflection is a fundamental element of the coaching process, so it makes sense that coaches also capitalize on reflection to improve their own performance with clients. This issue of Coaching Research in Practice reviews a recent theoretical research paper t...

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The reality of being a coach

Time and time again I’m reminded of the reality of being a coach. It’s one thing to do the training, get your certificate and hang up your shingle, but the reality is that being a coach entails so much more. In her webinar, What does it REALLY take to Grow a Successful Coaching Business?, Emma-Louise Elsey, Owner […...

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The steepest and deepest learning curve for coaches

Everybody knows the learning value in receiving mentoring – this is why mentor coaching is a compulsory component of ICF credentials. Yet few people recognise or appreciate the even greater learning value of giving mentoring.   In medical education, “peer-teaching has become an established and common method to e...

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