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How do you DO coaching presence?

Coaching presence has long been recognised as a core skill of effective coaches. The more masterful the coach, the more potent their presence. Despite this universal recognition of the power in coaching presence, the question of how to DO coaching presence remains.   This issue of Coaching Research in Practice reviews a r...

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How do I share my coaching session recordings?

************* An updated 2023 version of this article is available here.  ************* So, you got permission to record your session, and you’ve got a session recording, now you need to figure out how to share it with your mentor or a client.   If you’ve got a paid Zoom plan, then you can share it […]...

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How do I record my coaching sessions?

************* An updated 2023 version of this article is available here.  ************* Gone are the days when you had to do a face-to-face session to record it, or buy a piece of equipment – which you had to buy from spy websites – to attach to your telephone!   Nowadays, the best quality recordings come [&hel...

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How do I get permission to record my coaching sessions?

If you’re recording sessions for reflective practice, submission to a mentor coach or to apply for an ICF credential or other coaching certification, ideally, you want to record sessions with an authentic coaching client. This includes sessions from a ReciproCoach recorded sessions reciprocal peer coaching round, but you can a...

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What are my options for recording and transcribing coaching sessions?

Being able to easily record your coaching sessions is essential for your professional development as a coach. Even if you only listen to a session recording while you’re exercising or ironing your clothes, you will learn an immense amount from listening to yourself coach. Similarly, when engaging in mentor coaching, giving you...

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