Are you being limited by a coaching model?

Posted on: 10 Oct 2023

Every coach knows GROW, the most famous coaching model of all. And a Google search for coaching models reveals a plethora of other, often acronym-based, coaching models that many of us have been trained to use.


Coaching models are useful, especially for new coaches and training coaches. However, they can also be limiting. Coaching models can be an agenda in themselves. They are safe and they keep us in known territory, but it is in not knowing that we usually find the magic of coaching.



To support ReciproCoaches in letting go of the agenda of coaching models and moving beyond them to be fully present with their clients, we’ve teamed up with Tony Latimer, MCC, Master Executive Coach and coach trainer, to bring you Coaching Without Models.


Coaching Without Models is a live group mentoring session that gives you prior access to two of Tony’s Moore Master Coaching recorded calls, in which he demonstrates and explains his process of Coaching Without Models. Together with his free one-hour masterclass, this Coaching Without Models learning experience will bring you more fully into the moment with your clients.


You can find out more about what our Coaching Without Models round includes here, or, if you already know you want to free yourself from coaching models to enter the flow of full connection with your clients, register for the live group mentoring session (including Moore Master Coaching audios) now here. Two observer-only options are also available. OBSERVER PLUS: Coaching Without Models with MCC, Tony Latimer (2023/12) includes access to the Moore Master Coaching audios, while OBSERVER ONLY: Coaching Without Models with MCC, Tony Latimer (2023/12) gives you access to the group mentoring session recording only.  Registration closes Sunday, November 27.


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In his Simplicity of Mastery Program, Tony tells us “the world needs more coaches – masterful, effective coaches, who can help their clients get results fast.” He asks, “Do you want to be one of them?” Our Coaching Without Models learning experience will help you move beyond models, towards fully present connection with your clients, to experience more of the magic of coaching.


Supporting coaches beyond models,

Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC

Global ReciproCoach Coordinator