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How to avoid and manage conflicts of interest in coaching?

While most of us can easily avoid blatant conflicts of interest in coaching, even the best of us can find ourselves in a pickle when we overlook some of the more subtle ways in which conflicts of interest can unexpectedly arise.   The ICF Code of Ethics defines a conflict of interest as “a situation in which an IC...

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Are you feeling the strain of coaching?

In an unprecedented year of bush/wildfires, a pandemic and a highly controversial US election, work-related strain on coaches has been noticeable. The negative impacts on coaching clients through climate crises, protracted lockdowns and political unrest have shown up at ReciproCoach in coaching relationships, as well as group me...

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How to WIN and KEEP coaching clients?

If you do not yet know how you win your clients, or if you’re not winning any or many clients, then that is like missing the A in the ABC of your coaching business. In the same way, if you don’t know how you keep your clients, or you don’t manage to keep your clients until they’re […]...

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