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An often overlooked ethical consideration for coaches

Few coaches are aware of the ethical considerations that arise when coaching family, friends, and in some cases, colleagues. Those who are aware usually have become so because they have learnt from experience.   Professional codes of ethics like those of the ICF and the Global Code of Ethics specifically address the man...

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Which learning theories underpin your coaching philosophy and practice?

Since its inception, coaching has had a multidisciplinary foundation. From sports to business, from psychology to education, coaching is a synthesis of borrowed theories, techniques and tools. While most coaches are not aware of the theoretical origins of their practice, one discipline that many claim to be at the heart of coach...

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Want to contribute to the ReciproCoach community and get a Reciprocal Membership?

About once a year, ReciproCoach gives its members an opportunity to put their hands up to contribute to the community in some way, and get a Reciprocal Membership in return.   We are now updating our list of potential reciprocal contributors and are putting out a call for more/renewed expressions of interest for recipro...

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