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What does group coaching supervision have to offer?

The recognition of the value of coaching supervision is steadily growing throughout the world. Until now, the UK has led the English-speaking coaching world in the adoption of coaching supervision as a professional standard, but other parts of the world are catching up. This issue of Coaching Research in Practice examines the cu...

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CLEAN up your coaching LANGUAGE

I can’t help myself but to come come right out and say it…   If you’re not using Clean Language in your coaching sessions, you are missing out on what is arguably the most powerful, yet simple tool a coach can use.    Most coaches have heard about Clean Language, but the greater majority fail to r...

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Want to contribute to the ReciproCoach community and get a reciprocal membership?

Each year, we give ReciproCoaches an opportunity to get more involved in the ReciproCoach community through our Reciprocal Membership Program.   Through the ReciproCoach Reciprocal Membership Program, members can make a contribution to the ReciproCoach community and, as a thanks for your work, we’ll give you your c...

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