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How to coach multiple selves when they show up in coaching?

Given that self-awareness is a key outcome of coaching, coaching the coachee’s self is therefore a key process. Typically coaches talk about the self, referring to a single self. Yet current, as well as age old literature, suggests the presence of multiple selves. This issue of Coaching Research in Practice reflects on the not...

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Going “deeper sooner” for bigger impact in coaching sessions

Some coaches make the mistake of thinking they’re giving more value when they give their clients longer sessions. In fact, the opposite is true – decreasing the time it takes you to create awareness for your clients, increases your value as a coach. Fran Fisher, MCC and ICF Assessor, talks about using the process ...

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ReciproCoach on the Go

This is a ReciproCoach membership update. It contains essential reading relating to the ReciproCoach website and your engagement in the ReciproCoach community. ReciproCoach.com gone mobile If you gave up trying to use ReciproCoach.com on your mobile devices, now’s the time to try again, as the website has been optimised to wor...

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