FOMMIC: A coaching acronym to remember

Posted on: 25 Oct 2023

There are a lot of acronyms bantered about the coaching world, but if you don’t yet know FOMMIC, it’s one that is worth remembering.


  1. Focus
  2. Outcome
  3. Motivation
  4. Measure for success
  5. Invite the client to lead
  6. Check in on the measure for success for the desired outcome


Fran Fisher, MCC and ICF Assessor, is an expert in FOMMIC and it’s through these six coaching agreement elements that she teaches coaches to master ICF Core Competency number three: Establishes and Maintains Agreements.


Coaches too often underestimate and shortcut establishing the coaching agreement, even though it is a crucial process for going deeper and making the most of your coaching time. In fact, your ability to set up and sustain the coaching agreement effectively can make or break your sessions.



This is why, year after year, ReciproCoach partners with Fran to improve our members’ ability to ‘FOMMIC’ in our Creating the Coaching Agreement Peer Coaching Round. Now in its seventh year running, there is barely a ReciproCoach group mentoring session that goes by without either the mentor or a mentee mentioning the incredible value of this round.


You can find out more about what our Creating the Coaching Agreement Peer Coaching Round includes and read six years of testimonials from past participants here. Or, if you just want to take our word for it and shift your coaching sessions up a gear, register now.


(Registration closes Sunday, November 26)


There is also the opportunity to join Fran in a Creating the Coaching Agreement Group Mentoring Session (available for registration separately as a participant here or as an observer here) to learn from Fran’s feedback on your own and/or others’ processes of establishing the coaching agreement.


If you participated in the 2021 or 2020 Creating the Coaching Agreement Peer Coaching Round and/or have purchased Fran’s original Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery I program, you can register to participate here for discounted access to this round. If you participated in the 2022 Creating the Coaching Agreement Peer Coaching Round, or if you have purchased Fran’s Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery II program and you want to revisit, practice, and further develop your FOMMIC skills, you can register for the practice round here (standard coaching membership credits are eligible for the practice round).


Your effectiveness in establishing and maintaining the coaching agreement and successfully uncovering your clients’ underlying motivation at the outset of a session, not only results in a more valuable session, but also leads to longer-lasting change.


Supporting coaches in advancing their coaching skills,

Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC
Global ReciproCoach Coordinator