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What do coaches need to know about managerial coaching?

The manager as coach is fast becoming an expectation, rather than an ideal in contemporary organisational workplaces. Once seen as a strategy for performance management, managerial coaching is now moving into the realms of employee transformation, growth and empowerment. More and more, managers are equipping themselves with the ...

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What are the symptoms of an ineffectively established coaching agreement?

When was the last time you experienced one of these coaching scenarios: Your client and/or coaching session did not stay ‘on track’. Your client and/or coaching session ‘meandered’ or ‘went in circles’. You hit on ‘the real issue’ too late in the session. A session stayed in the &...

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The seven conversations at play in a single coaching session

In reflective practice, when identifying where your coaching dialogue is most and least effective, few coaches realise that they need to pay attention to seven conversations (Megginson and Clutterbuck, 2009), rather than just the one that happens in the immediate coaching session.   Typically coaches focus their reflection ...

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