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What is a peak coaching experience?

When thinking about a peak coaching experience, the first thought most of us have is of an a-ha moment. Most coaches are familiar with, and aim to create for their clients, a-ha moments. Yet current research suggests that a-ha moments are only one of four kinds of experiences that clients typically describe as peak. This [&helli...

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Does your website bring you clients?

If your website doesn’t bring you clients, you’re not alone. In fact, professional web designer for coaches, Kenn Shroder, says that 90% of coaching websites never bring a single client. When you know how much time and money coaches put into their websites, and how reliant most of us are on attracting clients this way, i...

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How to record coaching sessions

Recording your coaching sessions so you can listen back to them yourself is an essential part of your own reflective practice and professional development as a coach. It is also important for mentoring and credentialing processes. The submission of recordings of coaching sessions is necessary for some coach credential/certificat...

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