CLEAN up your coaching LANGUAGE

Posted on: 13 Aug 2020

I can’t help myself but to come come right out and say it…


If you’re not using Clean Language in your coaching sessions, you are missing out on what is arguably the most powerful, yet simple tool a coach can use. 


Most coaches have heard about Clean Language, but the greater majority fail to realise that a  few simple (though not necessarily easy) Clean Language strategies, well understood and precisely applied, have the power to ‘clean up’ your coaching sessions and take you to new heights in coaching mastery.


Judy Rees, Clean Language expert, author, facilitator, trainer and assessor refers to Clean Language as an amazing combination of questions, listening and metaphor. Clean Language helps to:


  • fast track building trust
  • ask more powerful questions
  • listen more specifically
  • create and leverage metaphors


In its fourth year running, ReciproCoach has once again teamed up with Judy, to bring you the Clean Language Training Round. I have participated in this round myself and would argue that most of us past participants will agree that Clean Language is an essential part of a coach’s toolkit – in fact, I wonder why it’s not part of basic training? 



The ReciproCoach Clean Language Training Round will give you access to Judy’s course, Clean Language Essentials For Coaches. Six 30-minute video classes, will train you in six specific techniques from David Grove’s Clean Language and show you how you can use them to improve your practical results with your clients, alongside your existing coaching models and approaches.


Combine this with 6 sessions of peer coaching both as a coach and a client, working with two different people for a total of 12 sessions, which structured debriefing following each session, and you’ll get to to apply and experientially deepen your learning as you go.


Find out more about our introductory Clean Language Training Round here, or, if you already know about the power of Clean Language and want to join, go ahead and register here. Past participants will be happy to know that you can also reinvigorate your use of the Clean Language skills in our Clean Language Practice Round.


You may also like to sign up for the Clean Language group mentoring session (as a participant or observer) with Judy. This session will give you the opportunity to get/observe expert feedback on your/others’ Clean Language application within coaching sessions.


Supporting you in extending your coaching impact even further,


Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC
Global ReciproCoach Coordinator


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