The reality of being a coach

Posted on: 16 Jul 2020

Time and time again I’m reminded of the reality of being a coach. It’s one thing to do the training, get your certificate and hang up your shingle, but the reality is that being a coach entails so much more.

In her webinar, What does it REALLY take to Grow a Successful Coaching Business?Emma-Louise Elsey, Owner & CEO of The Coaching Tools, shares her 10 Biggest Lessons, with Lesson 1 being to face the reality that growing a coaching business involves working hard, being determined and persevering and accepting that you’re an entrepreneur and all it entails.

That is no small feat, especially considering that so many coaches are people-people, preferring to listen and ask questions much more than grinding the business mill. Let’s face it, we studied coaching to coach, not build a business – otherwise we would have studied marketing or done an MBA.

Still, the reality is that unless you chance upon a rare internal coaching position, or join an organisation that feeds you coaching clients, building and sustaining a coaching business is part and parcel of being a coach.

Thanks to a partnership with Emma-Louise and The Coaching Tools Company, ReciproCoach is happy to support you in embodying the business skills you need through our Optimize Your Coaching Business Reciprocal Peer Coaching Round.

The Optimize Your Coaching Business Reciprocal Peer Coaching Round includes a selection of paper-based business coaching resources from The Coaching Tools Company’s Business Coaching Toolkit. As a participant in this round, you will be guided to use these tools actively to optimize your own business, and to support another coach in doing the same. Plus, you can customize the tools with your own business branding to use with business coaching clients and to boost your professional image as well as your business coaching outcomes.

The Optimize Your Coaching Business Reciprocal Peer Coaching Round is ideal for you if you want or need to:

  1. make your coaching business more effective;
  2. review your business and create a strategy for moving forward; and,
  3. have access to ready-made, brand-able business coaching tools to use with business coaching clients.

For more information about the Optimize Your Coaching Business Reciprocal Peer Coaching Round, click here, or if you already know you need to put some strategies in place to Optimize Your Coaching Business, then click here to register before Sunday August 23.


Supporting you in both tweaking and transforming your coaching sessions,

Kerryn Griffiths, Phd, PCC, Global ReciproCoach Coordinator


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