ReciproCoach on the Go

Posted on: 07 Jun 2019

This is a ReciproCoach membership update. It contains essential reading relating to the ReciproCoach website and your engagement in the ReciproCoach community. gone mobile

If you gave up trying to use on your mobile devices, now’s the time to try again, as the website has been optimised to work with most recent devices. If you find anything not working, let us know. If your device isn’t too old, we’ll get it working.

Currency conversion rates

ReciproCoach offers multiple currencies so our members can experience stable local pricing. For the first time in years, we are going to update our currency conversion rates. We’re also making changes to ensure currency selection is based on location rather than other economic factors. Depending on your currency, you may notice ReciproCoach prices go up, down or stay the same.

Updates to Terms and Conditions and Participation

We are in the process of updating our Terms and Conditions of Participation. We’re making them shorter, easier to understand and faster to read, so that (unlike most T&Cs) you read them before agreeing to them. Please read the terms and conditions of participation every time you register for a round. By doing this, our reciprocal community will continue to flow smoothly.

Written by Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC and Global ReciproCoach Coordinator