What are my options for recording and transcribing coaching sessions?

Posted on: 08 Nov 2022

Being able to easily record your coaching sessions is essential for your professional development as a coach. Even if you only listen to a session recording while you’re exercising or ironing your clothes, you will learn an immense amount from listening to yourself coach. Similarly, when engaging in mentor coaching, giving your mentor a session recording is the best means of getting specific feedback on your coaching skills. Finally, session recordings together with their written transcripts are an integral part of many coach assessment, accreditation and certification processes. This includes some routes to the ICF ACC and PCC credentials, as well as all ICF MCC credential applications.



ReciproCoach is continually asked for advice on recording and transcribing coaching sessions, and we’re happy to share with you our list of recommendations in answer answer to these questions:


How do I get permission to record my coaching sessions?

How do I record my coaching sessions?

How do I share my coaching session recordings?

What’s the easiest way to get transcripts from my session recordings?


Even if you think the tools you’re currently using are working for you, you might be surprised to discover what advancements in technology now make possible. Plus, you might be inspired to join one of our upcoming recorded sessions reciprocal peer coaching rounds. To support you in ensuring you have a continual supply of session recordings to fuel your reflective practice and mentor coaching, our recorded sessions rounds happen about once a quarter, with the upcoming rounds closing for registration on Sunday, December 11.


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