Thoughts and action

Posted on: 16 Jan 2020

Right now the media is flooded with images of the bushfire devastation in Australia. From all around the world, emails are arriving in the inboxes of Australians, extending thoughts and wishes for our safety and recovery.

We appreciate your thoughts and that leads us to ask:

If you have had one thought about what is happening around the world in terms of climate change, would you convert that thought into one action for our environment?

Recently a ReciproCoach colleague, Barbara Bates, joined our upcoming Climate Coaching ReciproCoach peer coaching round and commented that many people feel helpless when they think about climate change. She reminded me of the starfish story and how even one small action makes a difference (to read the starfish story, click here).

And so, we’re asking you to convert at least one of your climate thoughts into an action. No matter how small, it makes a difference somehow, somewhere, even if you never find out how. Imagine it! If everyone in the world converted just one climate thought into action, it would result in a massive amount of action and noticeable change.

Finally, if you, like so many of us, find that taking action is easier said than done, especially when it comes to ‘inconvenient’ changes, you may want to consider joining  Climate Coaching Peer Coaching (2020/1). Already more than 15 coaches, including multiple MCCs, PCCs, ACCs and a variety of other coaches from different backgrounds, are poised and ready to support each other towards making personal changes to reduce their climate footprints and to potentially join a founding group of coaches for Registrations close on Sunday, January 26. We welcome you to join us.

Thank you again for so many fertile thoughts at this historical moment. As we all know, thoughts lead to action and action leads to change.

Written by Kerryn Griffiths, PCC, PhD