Want to coach for a cause?

Posted on: 05 Dec 2019

Whether you’re facing bushfires in Australia or flood waters in Europe, the UN warns that one climate crisis disaster [is] happening every week.” OXFAM suggests that natural disasters beg for climate action.” However, climate action requires change – lots of it – and, as coaches, we know how hard change can be. Does that make positive climate change ‘mission impossible’?

Fortunately, as coaches, change and action is what we’re good at. So, when coaching colleague Judy McLennan, PCC, and I realised that if we put Climate, Change and Coaching together, we could really impact CLIMATE ACTION for CLIMATE CHANGE, we had hope.

Starting as a Reciprocal Peer Coaching round, demonstrating our own personal commitment to Climate Action, Climate Coaching Peer Coaching (2020/1) involves 6 x 30min sessions dedicated to creating personal climate action that collectively will help delay, stop or reverse the climate crisis. You do not have to have grand ideas for large scale climate initiatives to participate in this round. In fact, we are targeting individuals who simply have a desire to reduce their climate footprint (through being coached towards that goal), as well as a willingness to support someone else in doing the same (by coaching them towards the same goal).

You don’t have to know your climate goal/s to participate. Your coach will help you identify that/those. You might end up going plastic free, carpooling or composting as a result of your participation in this round. No change is too small to make a difference and if you don’t know where to start, we’ll give you some ideas.

This is a pioneer round and we’ll be making it up as we go, sharing and supporting each other to develop a framework, movement and resources for effective Climate Coaching. Participants of this pioneer round will be invited to join a founding group of coaches for ClimateCoaching.org (no website yet).

This round is offered at a discounted price and any proceeds above and beyond the cost of coordinating this round will be used towards any future ClimateCoaching.org set up and/or running costs.

Our dream is that ClimateCoaching.org will become a coaching movement that will harness the power of coaching to support climate action among individuals, businesses, organisations and governments across the world. There are so people with good intentions, and with just a little bit of coaching to accelerate the change process, those intentions can become a reality.

Registrations close Sunday January 26.

Then, spread the word and forward this email to every coach you know to make this the biggest and most impactful peer coaching round yet!

Written by Kerryn Griffiths, PCC, PhD and Judy McLennan, PCC