outGROWing goal-directed self-regulation coaching models

Posted on: 03 Oct 2022

GROW, Goal – Reality –Options – What next/Way forward/Wrap-up/Will do is likely the most well known of the acronym-based coaching models and paved the way for others. Such prescriptive acronym-based coaching models also led to the emergence of solution-focused and goal-directed coaching process. This is a common process in coaching, whereby problems are identified, after which goals are set. Then, through the development of action plans, clients take action, monitor and evaluate their progress, adjust their course of action and eventually achieve success.



Solution-focused and goal-directed coaching process are very much reflective of Kolb’s experiential learning theory, which involves concrete experience (in which a new situation is encountered), reflective observation (whereby the situation is reflected upon), abstract conceptualisation (when a new idea or approach is generated) and active experimentation (which is the ‘trying on’ of the new idea/perspective). This can be seen in Grant’s model of goal-directed self-regulation.


However, while goal-directed  goal-directed self-regulation coaching models offer new coaches a firm foundation from which to begin coaching, it seems that as coaches GROW in experience (pardon the pun) , so too do they seem to outGROW goal-directed self-regulation coaching models and the more fluid process which emerges, reflects more of Kolb’s experiential learning theory.


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