Which two competencies are the most crucial to master?

Posted on: 22 Mar 2018

According to Carly Anderson, MCC, ICF assessor and author of The Target Approach: Demystifying the ICF Core CompetenciesCoaching Presence and Establishing the Coaching Agreement are the two core competencies that are most crucial for coaches to master.

In a recent blog article, Carly explains that “your presence is what determines what you believe your role is as a coach, how you listen to your clients, what you believe is important to ask, or what you never ask about.” She also highlights that “you need to know how to structure the coaching session agreement for each coaching session, and demonstrate that you are following the client’s agenda throughout the session.”

To support coaches in understanding this fully, as well as how to effectively integrate all eleven core competencies in practice, ReciproCoach is hosting a TARGET APPROACH Recorded Sessions Round. 

In this round, you will get:

  • access to the Target Approach audio-visual, mp3, overview and slides
  • two of Carly Anderson’s recorded coaching sessions, so that you can observe the Target Approach and an MCC in action (having a model is invaluable in any learning process)
  • a client to coach for 6 x 30 minute sessions
  • a coach to coach you for 6 x 30 minute sessions
  • permission to record your sessions as a coach (invaluable for mentoring and reflective learning)

The Target Approach is a 68 minute audio-visual presentation with Carly that highlights the essence of the eleven ICF core competencies. A framework for best practices in coaching skills, you will learn how to integrate all eleven core competencies into a 30 minute coaching session effectively.

To register for the TARGET APPROACH Recorded Sessions Round, login to the members area and click on Register – Coaching or simply follow this link:

Registration closes on Sunday April 22.

Written by Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC and Global ReciproCoach Coordinator