What is the role of innovation in the evolution of coaching?

Posted on: 25 Apr 2019

The growth of coaching is often described as rapid. Indeed, in contrast to other professions that have evolved over hundreds of years, the evolution of coaching is short, spanning only a few decades. Yet within this brief history the field of coaching has seen much change, not only in relation to the tools and techniques applied by coaches, but also in relation to fundamentals such as coaching approaches and definitions.

This issue of Coaching Research in Practice reports on a study that reviewed almost thirty years of coaching literature and compared it with the literature of more established helping professions. In so doing, it highlights the role innovation has played in the evolution of coaching’s core beliefs, values and theoretical paradigms, as well as its goals, techniques and methods.

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Written by Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC and Global ReciproCoach Coordinator