What does it take to pass the MCC performance exam?

Posted on: 21 Oct 2022

In times gone by, knowledge of what it took to pass the MCC exam was shrouded in mystery. Fortunately, those times are now in the past and what it takes to pass the MCC exam is becoming more and more transparent.


While the ICF has worked to improve the measurability and consistency in assessment of MCC performance exams (an example of which is the recent update to the ICF Minimum Skills Requirements), pioneers like Gail Moore of Moore Master Coaching have gone the extra mile to unveil the mystery of the MCC performance exam. Gail sources MCCs who are willing, and have permission to share their session recordings that passed the ICF MCC exam. Together with a discussion of the MCCs’ reflections, as well as some of the examiner’s feedback, Gail releases this invaluable learning to the coaching world.


In all honesty, I tried to do something like this for ReciproCoaches some years ago – like Gail, I too believe that modelling is essential for learning – but alas I did not succeed! So, when I heard that Gail had succeeded, I wanted to share this essential learning resource with ReciproCoaches and partnered with Gail to bring you the MCC Exam Pass Peer Coaching Round.



The MCC Exam Pass Peer Coaching Round gives participants access to three selected Moore Master Coaching ICF MCC exam session recordings. Each recorded session makes public a different MCC coach’s coaching sessions that passed the ICF MCC exam and includes reflection on some of the examiner’s feedback, as well as a general debrief and Q&A. Combine this with peer coaching, in which you intentionally apply your learning as a coach, and experience it as a client, together with a scaffolded learning guide and structured debriefing, and you’ll come away from this round with a grounded understanding of what it takes to pass the MCC exam and the foundations to start on this journey yourself. You can find out more about this round and what is included here.


I also want to take this opportunity to give all ReciproCoaches a warning. Many coaches make the mistake of waiting until they get close to the required 2500 client coaching hours before preparing for the MCC exam. Don’t fall into this trap. If you wait until 2500 hours down the track to start coaching like an MCC, then you’ll quite possibly have 2500 hours of non-MCC coaching habits to undo in order to pass the MCC performance exam. And so, I want to encourage ReciproCoaches of all experience levels to take any opportunity you can get to start connecting with what it means to coach like an MCC. The sooner you start on this track, the better – not only are you likely to be one of the few MCCs who pass their performance exam the first time, but you’ll also be a much more effective coach for your clients in the meantime.


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I have listened to all of the session recordings included in this MCC Exam Pass Peer Coaching Round and even though I have been coached over the years by numerous MCCs, these exam sessions and the ensuing debriefs really made an impact on my coaching. Seeing a clear model in action and then deconstructing it to understand what was going on, really is one of the most powerful methods of learning you can find. Combine it with the other most powerful method of learning you can find – peer coaching – and you’re really on the money.


Shoot for the (MCC) moon to coach like a star,

Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC
Global ReciproCoach Coordinator