Observation and feedback: Hallmarks of a professional coach

Posted on: 16 Sep 2021

Observation and feedback are an invaluable process for professional development. Yet disappointingly, many coaches do not tap into this power voluntarily.


Most coaches engage in the learning process of observation and feedback (referred to as mentor coaching in the ICF world) to complete their training requirements, or to achieve a credential. Only a few coaches, however, engage in observation and feedback (mentoring) as a regular method of CPD (continuing professional development).


At ReciproCoach, we expect professional coaches to have their coaching observed and receive direct feedback on their coaching skills at least once a year – once a quarter for full time coaches.


We also make it our priority to remove the typical barriers to coaches engaging in regular mentoring. We do this by offering affordable group mentoring, on a session by session basis. We also offer affordable individual reciprocal peer mentoring for those coaches who are willing to offer observation and feedback to another coach, in return for receiving the same.


Some coaches balk at offering up a recording to get feedback on their coaching skills in a group mentoring setting. Similarly, many coaches do not feel confident enough to mentor another coach in return for the individual mentoring they receive.




And so ReciproCoach is offering its first rounds of individual mentoring. You can now receive 3 x 60min sessions of observation and feedback (mentoring) with an assigned ACC or PCC mentor and without the expectation of mentoring another coach in return.


Plus, you can take advantage of this mentoring at any stage of your coaching development. Whether you are a student, a recent graduate or a seasoned coach working towards an ICF credential, you may now opt to join one of two individual mentoring opportunities:


You will be assigned an ACC or PCC mentor coach respectively, and can of course, include these mentor coaching hours in your ACC or PCC credential application/renewal. You will only have to focus on being a mentee: no group interaction, no expectation to mentor another coach in return. Our mentors are limited to just ten at each level, so to avoid disappointment, click on the above links to register before Sunday October 3.


Supporting ReciproCoaches in continuing professional development,

Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC
Global ReciproCoach Coordinator