How effective is your coaching website?

Posted on: 23 Jan 2020

You can spend as much time and money as you like on advertising, marketing and building your professional profile, but your efforts are in vain if potential clients visit your website and leave before making contact or joining an email list.

You can check how effective your website is using google analytics to see how many people are visiting your site (this is called your website traffic) and how much of this traffic leaves within seconds (average time on site) or doesn’t click beyond your first page (your bounce rate). You know if your website’s effective if the anonymous traffic is turning into known leads (conversions) i.e. people are making contact or joining an email list.

So what if you discover (or already know) your website’s not effective?

Professional web designer for coaches, Kenn Shroder, identifies 10 traits of coaching websites that work. But guidance like this is easier said than done! That’s why ReciproCoach has partnered with Kenn to bring you our Make Your Website Work Peer Coaching Round.

Kenn has cracked the code that enables him and his clients to generate dozens of leads each month and he’s put this together in a blueprint called The Coaching Website Guide. This 320 page guide to making your website work, together with your ReciproCoach assigned peer coach and client, will ensure that you navigate your way successfully through The Guide to give your existing website the tweaks it needs or get your new website right the first time.

To find out more about our Make Your Website Work Peer Coaching Round, including testimonials from past participants, click here or simply register here before Sunday February 23.

Written by Kerryn Griffiths, PCC, PhD