How effective is your coaching business?

Posted on: 06 Nov 2015

If you’re like most coaches, you got into coaching to coach and only later discovered that, like it or not, you also need to be a business person.

To support you in this necessity, last month, we launched our new targeted business coaching rounds, in addition to our general business coaching rounds. Each month, we’re aiming to direct your attention towards a different aspect of your business that we think is essential to your business success.

This month’s targeted business coaching round aims to Optimize Your Coaching Business. You will get access to a suite of paper-based business coaching resources developed by The Coaching Tools Company and designed especially to make a business more effective. The Coaching Tools Company specializes in helping coaches and their businesses flourish, and the ReciproCoach Optimize Your Coaching Business peer coaching round, gives you access to selected resources from The Business Coaching Toolkit. Developed by Emma-Louise Elsey who I have worked with over the past year and whose business systems I am literally in awe of, her business coaching toolkit gives you a framework for an effective business.

As a participant in this round, you will actively use these tools to optimize your own business, and to support another coach in doing the same. Plus, you can customize the tools with your own business branding to use with business coaching clients and boost your professional image as well as your business coaching outcomes. Through no less than 14 different coaching tools, you will cover business goals, vision and mission, reviewing your current situation, business planning and activating your plans. Click here to see what’s covered in detail.

With the added intention of reflecting on your business in the last year and getting a strategic start to business in 2016, this round starts in the first week of December and completes at the end of February.  It includes four 45 minute sessions with your coach and four 45 minute sessions with your client. That’s 6 solid hours of focusing on optimizing your coaching business. You will develop a personal understanding of effective business coaching tools and practices, setting you up not only for an effective coaching business, but also for effective business coaching. These are tools that you’ll benefit from yourself and then use to support your clients’ business success as well.

For more information about the ReciproCoach Optimize your Coaching Business peer coaching round, click here. Or, if you already know you want to participate, login to the ReciproCoach members area and then click here to register.

Over time, I hope that our range of business coaching reciprocal peer rounds will support you in developing a complete business system that works for you.