Have you made this mistake?

Posted on: 26 Jan 2023

Every business needs a website, and unless you are an internal coach, or have found a rare-as-hen’s-teeth coaching job, so do you. But it’s not enough just to have a website. You also need to have a website that works.


Too often, too many coaches have a website that rarely, if ever, delivers client leads. These coaching websites don’t work, usually because they focus on the wrong things e.g. explaining how coaching works, rather than selling the results it delivers. In fact, Kenn Schroder, professional web designer for coaches, highlights a common homepage mistake, in that the coach is entirely missing!



Are you missing from your website?


Kenn highlights plenty of other typical mistakes many coaching websites contain, and in fact, he’s even written a complete Coaching Website Guide to getting it right.  What’s more, we think it’s so important to make your website work, that we have partnered with Kenn for the fifth year running, to support you in making sure your website actually attracts clients, by implementing Kenn’s Coaching Website Guide.


In our Make Your Website Work Peer Coaching Round, you’ll get access to the recently updated Coaching Website Guide, and of course, a coach and a client to make sure you implement it. You’ll benefit from 20 years of Kenn’s best tips to build high professional credibility, engage visitors authentically and powerfully and to generate leads.


Whether you want to amp up the website you have, or want to get your website right the first time, find out more about our Make Your Website Work Peer Coaching Round, including past participants’ testimonials, here. Or, if you’re already clear that your website needs to start paying its way, simply register here before Sunday, February 26.


(Registrations close Sunday, February 26)


Too often, too many coaches spend too much time perfecting a website that just doesn’t work. Why waste years of client coaching time when you can avoid some very simple mistakes? By combining Kenn’s Coaching Website Guide with peer coaching, we are supporting you to get the coaching you need to implement Kenn’s advice, the accountability to make it happen, and actually see the results of a coaching website that works.


Supporting coaches in thriving in business,

Kerryn Griffiths
Global ReciproCoach Coordinator