Harnessing the power and impact of professional coaching for our planet

Posted on: 03 May 2023

In the spirit of International Coaching Week (May 8-14), ReciproCoach is offering the second, long-awaited round of Climate Peer Coaching.


Of all our peer coaching rounds, Climate Peer Coaching is the one that really explores, tests and discovers the possibilities coaching provides and channels the power and impact of professional coaching towards something none of us can live without – our planet.



Our pioneer Climate Coaching Peer Coaching Round was in 2020, and together, 26 coaches shared and supported each other to create our own personal changes to reduce our climate footprints. The outcomes were nothing short of inspiring, as we learnt that small changes could matter as much as, or even more than, massive initiatives. Many of us have been waiting for the next Climate Peer Coaching Round to continue or reinvigorate our climate journeys. You can read our pioneer participants’ testimonials here.


This year’s Climate Peer Coaching Round is for coaches with a desire to reduce their and/or others’ climate footprints just a little, or even further, and to coach another coach towards a similar climate goal. You don’t have to know your Climate Coaching goal/s to participate. A desire to be more climate conscious is enough and your coach will help you to identify your goal/s. Just like any process of creating a coaching agreement, you might be surprised at what your climate goals turn out to be. To those coaches who participated in our first round, you are welcome to participate again (this time without a pandemic to contend with) to reunite with past participants, reconnect with the energy we created then, reignite your passion and take more steps towards positive climate movement.


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(Registration closes May 28, 2023)


Participants of this year’s Climate Peer Coaching Round will also have the opportunity to join ClimateCoaching.org, an idea that was borne out of our first Climate Coaching round and which aims to harness the power and impact of coaching to accelerate climate focussed human change.


In celebration of International Coaching Week, consider channelling the power and impact of professional coaching towards our planet,


Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC
Global ReciproCoach Coordinator