Get your head around the updated ICF Core Competencies and PCC Markers

Posted on: 11 Dec 2020

As of January 2021, ICF-Accredited Coach Training Programs will be using the Updated ICF Core Competencies in their training. The ICF also expects the updated PCC Markers to go into effect for ICF credentialing performance evaluation purposes in the second half of 2021.

To support you in getting your head around the updated ICF Core Competencies and PCC Markers, ReciproCoach has once again teamed up with Carly Anderson, MCC and ICF Assessor, to bring you the Upgraded Target Approach Peer Coaching Round. In Carly’s 87 minute Upgraded Target Approach audio-vision presentation, you will learn:

  • distinctions between “Target”, “Structural” and “Output” core competencies
  • distinctions on the ICF key concept of “Partnering” and how to apply so you pass any ICF credential
  • the differences between coaching the “Who” and the “What” of the client, including what I call “Big and Little Who” and “Big and Little What.” This is the second key concept (besides Partnering)
  • the difference maker between ACC, PCC and MCC skill level coaching that can instantly upgrade your awareness of what is transformational versus transactional coaching

To support you in fully integrating the Target model, as well as all eight ICF core competencies into your coaching sessions,  ReciproCoach has partnered with Carly to give you the opportunity to really make this learning count by pro-actively applying and experiencing it through peer coaching. Thus, in the Upgraded Target Approach Peer Coaching Round, you will get:

  • access to the Target Approach audio-visual, mp3, overview and slides
  • two of Carly Anderson’s recorded coaching sessions, so that you can observe the Target Approach and an MCC in action (having a model is invaluable in any learning process)
  • a client to coach for six sessions with permission to record your sessions as a coach (invaluable for mentoring, reflective learning and performance exams)
  • a coach to coach you for six sessions (research shows that being coached using a new methodology is an effective means of learning new coaching skills)

This will be the fourth year that ReciproCoach offers the Target Approach Peer Coaching Round. To read some testimonials from past participants, click here, or, if you already know you want to improve your integration of the eight updated ICF Core Competencies, as well as your understanding of the PCC Markers, you can go ahead and register herePast participants may also register for the Upgraded Target Approach Peer Coaching – Past Participants Round to get access to the updated product at a discounted price and participate in this year’s peer coaching round. 

  (Registrations close Sunday, January 17)

Now that the ICF is at the point of implementing the updated ICF Core Competencies, it is every ICF coach’s responsibility to ensure they have a thorough understanding of what the changes actually mean in practice. Anchored in the updated ICF Core Competencies, this Upgraded Target Approach Peer Coaching Round will support you in the process of updating your knowledge and practice and take your coaching skills mastery up a level.

Supporting you in keeping your coaching knowledge up-to-date,

Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC and Global ReciproCoach Coordinator