Don’t risk attempting to coach a loved one yourself

Posted on: 13 Dec 2018

It’s very tempting, but most experienced coaches would agree that it’s not worth the risk. Coaching loved ones usually brings up a variety of issues that not only affect our coaching performance, but also our relationships with our loved ones.

It’s no surprise that the ICF code of ethics states that coaches need to “Strive at all times to recognize [their] personal issues that may impair, conflict with or interfere with [their] coaching performance or [their] professional coaching relationships” (see #8 to read more).

For this reason, every now and again, and particularly at traditional gift giving times like Christmas, ReciproCoach runs a gift coaching round.

As a participant in a gift coaching round, you are entitled to give your assigned coach to a loved one. This could be your partner, brother, mother, best friend or anyone else with whom you already share a close relationship that would normally prevent you from coaching them effectively.

I have participated in numerous ReciproCoach gift coaching rounds over the years and they are certainly some of my favorite ReciproCoach experiences. I have coached sisters, partners and best friends of my coaching colleagues, and in return, so far my partner, mother and brother have been coached. I find that in gift coaching rounds the gratitude is doubled – it rolls in from the coachee as well as their ‘sponsor’ loved one.

ReciproCoach gift rounds are also an opportunity to give more coaching, without needing to receive more sessions yourself. This is particularly good if you are already involved in a peer coaching round and don’t need another coach yourself.

If you’d like to join our 2018 Christmas Gift Coaching Round (even if you don’t celebrate Christmas), and share coaching with one of your loved ones, click here or login to the members area and go to Coaching – Peer Coaching – Register – 2018 Christmas Gift Coaching Round.

Before you register, please make sure that your loved one is fully committed to receiving the coaching and understands that the round requires them to receive 4 x 45min sessions within a 3 month period. It helps if they also understand that you are giving 4 x 45min sessions to another ReciproCoach’s loved one in return. Registration closes at 10pm US ET on Tuesday December 18.