Does your lack of time hold your business back?

Posted on: 23 Mar 2016

To survive and thrive in the business of coaching, it’s often necessary to juggle multiple roles for a period of time. Some of us juggle a day job with our business, some juggle multiple business streams and many juggle family and work.

Of the above three juggling routines, I juggle two of them – and until one or two years ago, I tried juggling all three?! Few of us get away without the juggle, but to make it work, we really need to be able to make the most of the limited time we have by focusing on our top priority tasks.

Early this year, Emma-Louise Elsey from The Coaching Tools Company hosted a free teleclass for coaches that was aimed at making 2016 their “Best Year EVER”. A few weeks ago I listened to a replay of the teleseminar and thought it was so valuable that I asked  Emma-Louise if I could share it with ReciproCoaches.

Now, thanks to the generosity of Emma-Louise and The Coaching Tools Company, you can download the free GET- IT-DONE-SMART GOAL SETTING SYSTEM worksheet and listen to the teleclass recording here. With just a 45 minute (approx.) investment, you’ll come away having set your annual business goals, which in turn will drive your focus on your top priority tasks. We’re a quarter of the way through 2016, but it’s still not too late to identify and achieve your business goals.

AND, for those who know the three essential learning processes in coaching, to support you in applying and integrating the learning and discoveries from the teleclass, we’ve also set up a GET- IT-DONE-SMART Business Coaching Round. With a coach on your side, you’ll be sure to follow through, and with a client to coach in return, you’ll get the double benefit all coaches get when we coach a client on a topic that is relevant to us too.

To register for the GET- IT-DONE-SMART Business Coaching Round (which is a standard ReciproCoach round that you may use your membership credits to join), click here. Alternatively, login to the ReciproCoach members area and go to Register – Business. Registrations close Sunday April 10.

Finally, as 2016 is already well under way, The Coaching Tools Company is also offering ReciproCoaches who participate in the GET- IT-DONE-SMART Business Coaching Round a 50% discount on the complete Get-it-Done SMART Goal-Setting & Action Planning System. This is a saving of more than $100.

Successful coaches all have one thing in common – successful habits. The GET-IT-DONE-SMART system is a business success habit that helps you focus and “Do first what matters most”.