Coaching supervision versus mentor coaching

Posted on: 12 Mar 2019

Coaching supervision involves a process of exploring through experience, reflection, inquiry and/or action, any personal, relational, professional and contextual issues arising from coaching practice (Geddes and Armstrong, 2009). As Geddes and Armstrong (2009) explain, supervision coaches’ professional self-awareness as well as their whole system appreciation of the coaching relationship.

Coaching supervision is different from mentor coaching. There are several key differences:

Mentor Coaching involves:

  • Observation and feedback
  • Extending capability
  • Focus on what and how
  • Focus on skills and tools
  • Focus on doing better
  • Focus on knowledge
On the other hand Coaching Supervision involves:

  • Reflection
  • Expanding capacity
  • Focus on who
  • Focus on perspectives and resources
  • Focus on doing differently, or moreover, being different
  • Focus on awareness
Click here for a short (3.5mins) video explaining the difference between mentor coaching and supervision. Via the same link, there is also a video with questions and answers about supervision, as well as excerpts from some public supervision sessions.

Written by Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC and Global ReciproCoach Coordinator