Can high potential coaching add value?

Posted on: 25 Mar 2019

There is ample research related to executive coaching and its benefits for the individual and organisations. Changes in the workplace such as technical development, globalisation and ever-demanding markets are placing greater demands on leaders, hence effective talent management acquisition and retention are crucial.

This issue of Coaching Research in Practice reviews some recent research on the effectiveness of high potential coaching (for those considered most likely to be the next to step into leadership roles) to realise business objectives. This form of coaching is somewhat different than leadership coaching (for those already in leadership roles) so it is important to consider what is required in each specific instance rather than simply transpose a leadership coaching style into this context. The issue with using a leadership coaching approach too soon is that the expectation on coachees is too high and they may feel they are failing when in fact they are simply not yet ready as a result of their inexperience.

Written by Carol McGowan, PhD Candidate (University of Wollongong, Australia)
Master Coach, Life Coaching Institute of Australia
COO, Founding Affiliate and Master Coach