Are you short-changing your coaching clients?

Posted on: 22 Feb 2022

Facilitating client growth, the eighth of the updated ICF Core Competencies, is what Carly Anderson, MCC and ICF assessor, refers to as an Output Competency. Carly explains that client growth is the result of the culmination of your coaching process. Yet at the same time facilitating client growth is a competency in itself, with a set of behaviours that coaches frequently fail to capitalise on.


In her article on Facilitating Client Growth, Carly explains that each coaching session has a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning phase focuses on the client’s arrival at the session and their desired outcomes for the session. The middle phase prioritises exploration and discovery, while the end phase is about learning and action. It is in this end phase, that Carly warns of coaches’ tendency to short-change their clients.



To support you in partnering with your clients to maximise the value inherent within each and every coaching session, by fully integrating all eight updated ICF Core Competencies, ReciproCoach has once again teamed up with Carly to bring you the Upgraded Target Approach Peer Coaching Round.


Combining Carly’s expertise with an assigned peer coach and client (two different people), in this round you’ll apply your learning from Carly’s 87 minute Upgraded Target Approach audio-visual presentation and three of Carly’s own recorded sessions, which come complete with specific written PCC marker feedback.


This will be the fifth year that ReciproCoach offers the Target Approach Peer Coaching Round. You can find out more about what’s included and read some testimonials from past participants here, or, if you already know you want to see your coaching process culminating in more learning and growth, go ahead register now.


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If you participated in the 2021 Upgraded Target Peer Coaching round and want to refresh and reapply your learning, register for the practice round here. If you participated in a past Target Peer Coaching Round and want access to the upgraded material, register here.


You can also sign up for Carly’s Target Approach Group Mentoring Session. Available for separate registration as a participant or observer here (not included in the training round), this corresponding group mentoring session will give you the opportunity to get/observe targeted feedback on your and others’ coaching.


Supporting you in facilitating client growth,

Kerryn Griffiths, PhD, PCC

Global ReciproCoach Coordinator